Current sponsors/supporters

I hugely appreciate everyone who's decided to sponsor/support me. They all make a huge difference to me and help me strive towards my goals. I stand loyal to all of them, and here you can read more about them and what they do:


GhoDho is an american equestrian breeches company, who specialises in making fashionable and super fancy breeches for any kind of rider. Their products are of high quality, extremely comfortable and very good looking. Ghodho breeches definitely stand out in any crowd, and retail for a very reasonable price for such high quality breeches! They have multiple models and colours to suit every rider/discipline, and great customer service. I have several pairs of their breeches and I am very happy with the feel and quality of them, and they do for sure get a lot of compliments for their design!

They ship worldwide from their website http://www.ghodho.com and if you use the code 'therese16' at checkout, you'll recieve a $10 discount from your order

BCP hooves

BCP hooves is a spanish company producing a firm (100% vegan/natural) hoof oil. They ship worldwide, and the product provides your horses feet with important vitamins and ingredients. I have been using it for the past months with very satisfying results. My horses feet are in a great and shiny condition day after day!

"It provides hooves optimum elasticity and hardness which increases the resistance. It is especially recommended for competition horses (dressage, jumping, raids…) It gives the required humidity of hooves to facilitate the horseshoeing. One application of bcp solid hoof oil corresponds to three of any other solid hoof oil." The product can be bought through their website www.bcphooves.com

Hanne Wilhelms Photography

Hanne is a young photographer based in Bergen, Norway. Hanne takes photos at multiple occasions, but mostly different aspects of the equestrian world. She's very versatile and capable of capturing any kind of moments in a beautiful way! Hanne is also the photographer behind most of the quality photos I post here. If you are interested in booking a shoot with or buying photos from Hanne, she can be contacted through her website linked above.

Interested in sponsoring?

Sponsors/investors is essential for most riders riding at a higher level. In order to get to the top in the future I'm reliant on sponsors/investors.

If you would like to sponsor me contact me through the "contact" page, and you can read more about the topic under the become a sponsor tab