September-October 2015

Date written: 21.11.2015

Working towards my dreams, in the best company

As the weeks passed, I had suddenly been one month, two months and then three months in Germany. The work I found very hard in the start, suddenly wasn't so hard anymore. After working with the best people and the best horses for that amount of time, I realised even more how lucky I was to get this job. Lessons every day, and riding lots of different horses gave me a even bigger taste of what I want to achieve in the future and every day I felt like I just learned so much.

Not only about riding, but all the aspects of having and running a top quality facility and how people at top level work. Coming into their system of training, riding and handling of the horses was like a window opener to me and suddenly all of my previous experiences made more sense.

Thiess, my boss and trainer quickly grew to be my all time favourite trainer. A very kind hearted man with the discipline and mind in the very right place. As a inexperienced rider compared to those he usually work with, he knew exactly what to say and how to say it for me to understand how to better my riding. For the first time, a trainer took the time to go "back to basics" with me, to put in the importance of a correct and efficient position and a solid system in your riding.

From the start Thiess took his time with me, doing his very best for me to improve and learn, and so I did. After a little while light after light went up for me, about how this really is supposed to be and feel. Not just with the riding, also with all of the other work. "You need to know how to sweep, before you can know how to ride." he often told me. "You need to know it all, not just the riding part. That's the easy part."

From August to October I got to experience a lot, not only at home. I got to come with them to a few big shows, some big national ones and some international ones. Yes, I have been to plenty of shows in my life but seeing how professionals do it and learn their routines is very very valuable. Spending time with the amazing Luther family at shows was also always fun, despite the stress of being at shows it never seemed to get to any of them.

(Pictured above: One of the horses I rode the most and Jarka (Thiess' daughter) competing) I also got to ride a lot of different horses. Most of the horses at the stable is either top competition horses, or future top horses (youngsters). The bereiters mostly did the young horses, but I too got plenty of opportunities to ride the younger ones as well as the older ones. Riding a 4yo and a 1.50m jumper is different, but wow you learn a lot from such- at least with a top instructor having your back through it all.

Havekoster Springfestival 2015

CSI3* Kiel international 2015