September 2014

Date: 27-28.09.2014

Regional show, Moldegaard

We had our second show back, and this time it was a 1.10m and a 1.15m class on the plan. In the 1.10m on Saturday (27th) Bea was well over energic and didn’t make the job easy for me as her rider. She was busy with galloping and I didn’t manage to get her to wait for me, so we had 2 poles down (fence 2 and 3). Then I got back in charge, which she wasn’t too happy with so she chucked in a naughty stop at one of the last fences. I clinged on and approached again, this time we went over the goal line but with quite some faults.

In the 1.15m on Sunday (28th) she was also hot headed and eager. In the warm up she wasn’t being cooperative, but when we came on course I was determined to make it work. Approaching fence 1 she took off, and being a young horse lacking experience, I took a circle to calm her before continuing. The rest of the course went well, she jumped amazingly and I managed to ride her well. Towards fence 8 the same happened, so I circled again to calm her. Same thing happened going to the last fence, and the last circle was taken which led to elimination. Still I think this is one of the best rounds we’ve had as she jumped great and I managed to keep up with her.

Date: 20.09.2014

Show comeback at Lysefjorden

We had our first show back since before summer. As we had been away from competing a while, we started low with a 1m class at the regional show located in Lysefjorden. Bea jumped well but was hot headed, so even though we had a double clear round we didn’t get the short turns we aimed for, and finished as first unplaced. Though I was happy with the round and our little comeback!