September 2016

Date written: 28.09.2016

My little pony

After a month with great show results in August we were ready to continue our success.

We went to the farrier with Santo twice, but he pulled his shoes off again before we came home (in the trailer) and he was clearly very scared and "traumatized". Therefore I rode him occasionally, but 90% of the time he enjoyed himself in the huge fields. Cara, on the other hand..

September 6th we had our first lesson in a month and Cara jumped out of her skin, feeling better than ever! I vlogged from this day:

A few days later we were ready for the regional championship for seniors. It was Cara's third 1.20m class, so my goal was just to have nice rounds and give her a good experience. We certainly managed that, with just one pole down in each round and a horse that jumped very well! See the vlog here:

The rest of September Cara had some well deserved time off, before we started working her again at the end of the month. Meanwhile my dad and I started building our own barn at our house, and after a lot of hard work we finally finished it off in October! See the first video of our project and progress here:

And inbetween all of the riding and barnbuilding, I made two edited videos aswell: