October 2016

Date written: 24.11.2016

Backyard ponies & work in progress

1st and 2nd of October Cara and I did our first indoor show together. The first day we did the 1.10m where we had one down in the 2nd phase but a otherwise good round. After that we did the 1.20m where she jumped amazingly, so confident and brave, and she gave me an amazing feeling. Sadly we had one down due to a little misunderstanding, but overally I was over the moon with our result.

The next day we did the 1.05 and 1.15m, both 1 phase speed rounds. In the 1.05m we had a fast clear round and got 3rd place, and in the 1.15m we had one of the last fences down so we didn't get placed, but we had a very good time and I was very satisfied with our rounds and results from the whole weekend!

You can see the show vlog + raws from our rounds here:

As I showed through my youtube channel (videos will be linked at the bottom) my dad and I have been in the progress of building our own barn at our house. After countless hours of working, the barn were ready the 11th of October, and the horses finally moved in. Cara and Santo both settled well, and it was so nice to have them at home! That meant new places to ride, more time for cuddling and affectionate sessions and a different "lifestyle".

I finally started to put Santo back in full work, and he's been doing great from the start, and seems to still be in a good shape despite being out of work for a while! I also found lots of new places to ride, and Cara seemed to enjoy the steep hills/mountains the most. As the weather got colder and sunnier, I was able to put them in the huge fields behind my house where they've basically been having the time of their lives running around and playing + eating grass all day long!

Here's my first barn vlogs from my own barn:

October also marked my 1 year anniversary with Santo- I bought him November 17th (my birthday) but I met him for the first time and got him on trial October 17th back in Germany where I worked. Santo have been a fantastic partner and he's given me so many good experiences and confidence. I made a little sum up video from our year together here:

23.10 I did my second indoor show on Cara, where we again showed in the 1.05m and 1.15m. In our first class we had a clear round, but not a good enough time to get placed. Despite that we had a nice round where she felt good. In the 1.15m she was amazing, and jumped a quick clear round. I was super happy with the result, and surprised to hear that we had the only clear round and therefore won the class! What a fabolous little horse.

The vlog and raws can be seen here:

To see my edits from October, head over to the inspiration corner! And the vlogs/progress videos from our barn building is linked below.