November 2014

Date written: 27.11.2014

Throwback: Remember where you came from

One of the easiest thing to do in sports, is to compare yourself to others. "He/she's the same age at me, but competing at a so much higher level" or something along those lines is quite normal to think from time to time. Why can't I be as good as he/she is? Will I ever be that good?

The question can be hard to answer. Who knows what the future will bring for you? No one does. But one thing is for sure, comparing your failures to someone elses success won't help anyone, and certainly not yourself.

One of the most important things to remember is, only compare yourself to you. You are the only person you should be better than. Not your friend, or your teammate, or your enemies. The goal should always be to be better than you were yesterday or last month.

(This does, of course not, mean to not find people you aim to be like, ex. a succesfull athlete. Having people to look up to is very valuable, but don't compare your own success to someone who's much better than you at the moment.)

And remember where you came from; where you started out.

At least I do, and looking through my old videos I found this one which I made in 2012, who shows my riding journey from when I started in 2007 up to 2012. Thankfully I've improved a lot from 2012 too- but as a human being I often think and wish that I had accomplished more now than what I have.

But there's nothing more to do than to think forward. The best is yet to come, and just because it haven't been your time to shine yet, doesn't mean it never will be.