May 2015

Date written: 30.05.2015

Never change a winning team

30th of May 2015 we were signed up for our second show together. This time at another venue, and after the good feeling from our first show together I felt ready and excited for the second one.

The classes we were signed up for was still small classes as we're still getting to know eachother. First out was the 80 cm class, with the classic norwegian judgement style called faults and style where judges judge the horse and rider on a number of factors like the riders position and efficiency, rhythm and balance, how you work with the horse and stuff like that. The rider with the least amount of faults and highest style-score goes out as the winner.

In our first class I had a good, not great feeling. I felt I could have done some small things better, but overally I had a good feeling and Molly jumped well and listened to my signals. We ended up with a clear round and 77,6 style points which resulted in a 4th place out of 19 contestants.

In our second class, our first 90 cm I had a good feeling in the warm up, and when I entered the arena as the last contestant we produced another lovely clearround in which I felt everything was on fleek and really enjoyed myself around. With 10 scores of 8 we ended up with 80 style points and a superior victory being 7 points in front of second place!

As in every sport- the rosettes aren't the main goal at this level. What we are doing now is getting to know eachother, building confidence, gaining experience and preparing for bigger shows and duties in the future. Therefore I mainly focus on getting good clearrounds where I feel happy with my riding and my horse, but of course getting placed is a great reward for the work I put into it! And the best is, of course when you are happy with your own achievements AND get the reward of winning.

With a 4th and a 1st place on our second show the future is looking promising- and with that I have to give a extra big thank you to my sponsors and supporters EFG International for making it possible and Custom Fly Veils for always keeping my horse looking very stylish!

And last but not least, a edited video put together by the clips from our first two shows. Enjoy!

Date written: 26.05.2015

Our first show

After almost 2 months with Molly, we were despite the "bad luck" ready for our first show together and the choice fell on a regional show at MoldegÄrd 24-25th of May.

But of course- she acted like a princess at the show and that resulted in two clearrounds in 70 cm (both days), double clear and 4th in 80 cm (sunday) and a stop in 80 cm (monday)- as she spooked a bit and I didn't ride her properly.

Overally I'm very happy with the show, and after all it was my first show in 7 months and Molly's first show in Norway. We went there to gain some experience together and get back into the game- in which we succeeded. In the lessons at home we're also improving, far from perfect but I know what we have to work on and I hope we'll be ready for bigger challenges soon.

Here's a raw clip from our double clear in the 80 cm;

Some photos from the show;

Date written: 26.05.2015

Good luck, bad luck- What have we been up to?

Because as the title say- we had some good luck with Molly healing fast after her virus infection. After that we had some great lessons and jumping her felt absolutely amazing and I enjoyed riding her so much. Though after a few weeks she got a sore back, which we figured were probably because she got back in work too quick after having some time off (which I absolutely tried to prevent!).

That resulted in 2 weeks of low deep and round work in the lunge, which happily gave good results and this past week her back was 100% so we decided we could finally sign up for our first show.

Because of the bad luck with her sore back, I suddenly realised I've only jumped her through a proper course about 3 times, so we signed up for two days with 70 cm and 80 cm classes. Mainly because we don't know eachother, and because I had no idea what to expect from Molly at the show grounds. Read more about our first show above!