March 2015

Date written: 25.03.2015-02.04.2015

"A new beginning"

With a new horse, allowing new dreams, goals and hopes to bloom.

After I sold Bea I quickly started searching around the world for a new star. One of the first horses I saw "captured my heart"- a beautiful dappled grey, 9 year old mare. She was everything I looked for, the right age, height, experience from up to 1.30m. She looked careful, positive and willing- and a few days after I contacted her owners I got a nice reply.

I got tons of photos, videos and info sent to me by the seller, and I just got more and more sure that I wanted this horse. I decided that I wanted to take the chance and buy her, and shortly after everything was sorted. Transport to Norway, customs, vet check, bill of sale.

Pictured above; Molly out competing with her previous owner in the UK.

I took a big chance with buying a horse from abroad unseen, but I don't regret it. My situation didn't allow time to travel abroad to see the horse, and being a versatile rider I don't really mind any kind of horses. My thoughts were no matter how the horse is in real life, I can adapt and enjoy it.

Luckily enough for me, the horse have been just like I expected so far. Molly arrived safely 25.03.2015 after travelling through Europe, and I can't wait to share our journey with you.

Pictured above: Molly the day she arrived

Sadly we got a bit of a rough start, and when she arrived she had a blooming virus infection in her airways, something she probably caught on her trip through Europe. A good thing is that we got it treated quickly, and she was put on a 10 day cure with antibiotics and box rest. Gutting, but so far it have allowed me to get to know her from the ground and spend time with her before we start training under saddle.

As of 02.04.2015 she is responding very well to the meds, and is currently symptome free. Just to be on the safe side she will stay on box rest for the 10 days as planned, and the vet will come out to check up on her 07.04.2015.

Date written: 06.03.2015

"I can't give up, it's my everything."

I made this video after some thinking- about how hard this sport is, but how incredibly rewarding.

No matter how hard it gets, or how much it goes against me. I can't give up on my dreams and goals, because it's my everything. The horses and the sport means the world to me .. For as long as I breathe I'll fight for it.

The video means a lot to me. It includes my 2 horses and 2 ponies- the ones who changed it all and showed me that true hard work always pays off and that no dream is too big. That's why I decided to make the audio (yes, it's me talking) and the video .. To try and explain it even though that's not possible.

In my time as an equestrian athlete and a showjumper I've hardly had ups in between all the downs. And I think most people around me thought I would give up and quit as I never seem to get anywhere. But when I look back to where I started I know I've come such a long way and improved a ton as a rider.

I know how this sport have changed me for the better and I know that there is nothing in the world I'd want more than to be able to make a living out of horses- it's my passion and my reason for living. Being around horses makes me happy beyond words.

And my dream will always be to become a professional showjumper. I can't explain the rush and adrenaline I feel just by watching big shows and championship, the partnership between horse and rider, and everything it takes to be able to stay at the very top of such a hard game.

I love this sport for all it is- the ups, the downs, the hard times and of course the good times. I love how the hard work pays off and how the horses will test your dedication and passion through and through. But if you want it bad enough, it will be so worth it.

It's my everything, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.