June 2016

Date written: 20.08.2016

June- never change a winning team!

In late may/june we went to a lot of shows, with surprisingly good results and lots of placings which was amazing! I'll take it from the end to the start and spice it up with photos and videos:

National team championship national

Our last show in June happened 16.06, the opening day for the national team championshop.

Cara opened in the 1m class, and with a fast double clear we finished 3rd/43! (archieve photo)

She continued into the 1.10m, where we sadly had the last fence in the 1st phase down.

Santo tried his best in the 1.20m, but with some communication faults and a place where I messed up the strides we had 2 down, but it was a good experience and technically not that bad!

Bergen Horse Show international

09-12. june we did our biggest show to date, a international/elite show called Bergen Horse Show. Both horses were jumping, and I was beyond excited..

The first day Cara opened up with a speedy double clear which gave us a 3rd/48 and she felt so nice (and very fast of course)!

Santo followed her up closely, with a very nice and also fast double clear in the 1.20m, which gave us a 4th/43!

The videos can be seen here:

The second day we were ready for a debut for all of us-

Cara started off in the 1.15m, her first ever class at that height. She was in heat so a little bit sassy, so I took a circle before the first fence and she tapped the wall, so we ended up with 9 faults but I was happy with her considering she never jumped that height before!

After that I was ready for my first ever 1.25m class on Santo. I was literally just in to survive- and I definitely did! Santo jumped amazingly and surprised me with jumping a clearround all the way until the last fence where I did a silly mistake!

The videos can be seen here:

Åsane rideklubb regional

04-05. june we did another show at our "home arena" (the place where I take lessons occasionally) and it was time for Cara's first 1.10m with me and her 4th in her life. We had a great double clear and finished 2nd, just a few seconds from winning!

Santo also jumped great in the 1.20m, but had a pole down due to a silly rider mistake.

Here's the raw videos:

The next day I have no idea what I was doing, but Cara ended up with 2 down in the 1.10m as I rode like a drunken sailor, and Santo had a pole in the 1.20m, but we learn from our mistakes!

Moldegård regional

28-29.05.2016- Jumped my second show and 1m with Cara- we had a clear round and 72 style points (who would have thought that?! and got 3rd/13!

The same day I rode my second 1.20m class with Santo, where we had a double clear and got 2nd place!

I decided to vlog on my youtube, and here's the video

The next day Cara got 2nd/11 in the 1m class with a speedy double clear!

And Santo gave me my best result to date with WINNING our 3rd 1.20m class together with a fast clearround!

And the videos can be seen here: