July 2016

Date written: 24.08.2016

July- the best month of my life

After all of the shows we went to in June we set off on "the adventure of our lives". Long story short, together with my best friend Maryam from Kuwait, we figured out spending the summer together would be awesome. Somehow it came to where I actually found a place in Norway where I could bring my horses and Maryam could lease some, and before we realised it this actually happened!

July 7th after the horses had a little holiday on grass after all of the shows, we trailered them 5 hours south to a beautiful but familiar place, where I bought my horse Conny in 2012. The day after Maryam arrived by plane, and our adventure started!

Our schedule was 4-5 lessons per horse a week for me with my horses, which is a dream for anyone- especially for a very dedicated and ambitious rider like me who happen to not even have an arena at home.

I could have gone on for decades about each day- but that would be more of a book than a blog post. We started a few days after our arrival with a few trainer get to know us and horses getting started lessons. Throughout the whole stay we did a ton of technical exercises with poles, small fences, lots of thinking for both horse and rider.

In the start I could feel that it was difficult for both me and the horses as its something we havent been able to do too much at home because we have no arena. Doing it was heavy but very rewarding work! I uploaded lots of edits when I was down there, and have since I came home posted a lot of raws videos too on my second channel (not all of them will be up by now so stay tuned) so I'll throw them in at random together with photos and video stills.

Getting started with lessons and being at a proper barn again was beyond amazing. The trainer is a very well known and acknowledged both trainer and rider for a good reason. She respected and realised the difference in each horse (especially my two who are complete opposits) and was always creative with her exercises, which made it all interesting and we learned something new every day.

After just a week I could already start to feel a difference. Of course, it's not like we learned it from scratch, but being able to practise it with a trainer in an arena and a solid program is a pretty huge difference from riding at home. When I went to school and worked abroad we did these exercises often, and it truly is the foundation of everything to practise on poles and small fences, to adjust the horse, to see a distance and know how to properly approach a fence.

As the weeks passed (and they passed extremely quickly, sadly) it was amazing to feel the transformation and see the differences. Course jumping, dressage work, flatwork, small fences and a trainer constantly watching.

I guess I'm just repeating myself, but I can't get it said enough how amazing and valuable that month was and how amazing it would have been to be able to be in a system like that on a regular basis. But I've got to work with what I have and really appreciate that I got this opportunity too.

We did bounces, worked on straightness over fences, balanced horse and rider, going fast and going slow, collecting and extending, short turns and wide turns..

And I can't possibly express the feeling of being with my best friend who lives worlds apart for a whole month. This trip would by no means have been possible or the same without the one and only Maryam. We had so much fun and did a bunch of different and exciting stuff both with and without the horses.

The last week we had 4 days of lessons with another trainer named Amund that's actually from and holding lessons about an hour and a half from where I live, that really made the month complete and challenged us with everything we had learned the past weeks.

In other words, July 8th to August 8th have been the best 30 days of my life. I have had a blast, learned a ton, and I have had so much fun together with my two and four legged bestfriends. I am beyond grateful to have gotten this opportunity and I will remember this summer forever.

If you want to have a look at the raw clips from our lessons, check out my raws channel linked below. I uploaded a few already, and the rest is yet to come!