July 2015

Date written: 30.07.2015

A summer filled with preparation

As I wrote in my previous post, we have no shows at the west coast of Norway during summer. Therefore our summer have been filled with training, and preparation for the autumn adventures coming up.

Since we moved Molly to a yard closer to home, we haven't had a trainer so my focus have through July been on flatwork (dressage) and schooling over fences up to 1.25m.

We've basically only had good rides, and I can feel a big improvement in my riding and how Molly's working. She's soft, responsive and gaining confidence while jumping and so am I!

With the clips I've collected through the summer, I made a edited video wih some of the highlights that can be seen here:

Here are some raw-videos from our last jumping sessions:

And some raw videos from flatwork/dressage sessions: