January 2015

Date written: 29.01.2015

A good start

2015- a new year, new goals and new dreams.

After a relaxing and lovely holiday at home where Bea was just lightly ridden (hacking, some schooling and lunging) we both felt very ready to go back in the game when January came.

The two weekly top athletics lessons started up again quickly, and I was determined from the start to make 2015 a better year than 2014, with a new mindset and more will. And from the start the lessons went brilliantly!

The whole month of January we've only had good lessons where both me and the horse have progressed well, and I feel very ready for the show season to start. We have had some interesting and technical lessons in addition to the course jumping, in which I've felt improvement and command.

Above is a edited video with footage from some of the lessons we've had in January. We had a show the last weekend, but sadly they had to postpone it because of a quarantine. Though that only give us more time to prepare and work to improve before the show season kicks in! Below is a raws video from my raws channel on YouTube.