"Inspiration corner"

Aspire to inspire

Ever since I started out on social media, I've shared my ups and downs with the world. In my riding career there's been 90% times of failure and despair, versus 10% of success and rewards. You'll find these little motivational photos/quotes all over my website, but I might aswell gather them here too.

Disclaimer: All photo and video edits/creations displayed on this entire website, are made by me. Although most of the photos (where I'm riding) are not taken by me, and the rights belong to the respected photographers.

If you want my full story, you can read it here, so long story short my main goal and biggest reward from my videos in particular have been to inspire and keep people going. Every day I get messages and comments about people who calls me their inspiration, which makes my heart melt every time. Therefore, I figured that adding a little inspiration corner here on my website might be a good idea.

If you follow me on my social medias, you've probably already seen my youtube videos, but I'll gather some of the most meaningful videos I've made over the years here, in addition to photos, quotes and edits. Enjoy!

2016 selection

November 2016: A lifechanger

October 2016: Be true to yourself

September 2016: Fight for what matters to you

August 2016: Gratitude

July 2016: My everything

June 2016: Chase your dreams

June 2016: There's always a way

May 2016: Teamwork

April 2016: My riding journey, defying the odds

March 2016: Fix your broken pieces

February 2016: Imperfections

February 2016: Celebrating 20,000 subscribers

January 2016: Acceptance