February 2014

Date: 20.01.2014-09.02.2014

New adventures

Going to a equine school give certain benefits. In the start of 2014, all students in year 12 was going away to a self chosen place to work. My ideal place to go was of course to a top showjumpers yard, and so I did. We called and asked if I could work and bring my horse to Skogan Gård, 8 hours away on the east, ran by WEG rider Ole K. Meland and his girlfriend Vicki Pedersen. Off me and Bea both went, and the 3 weeks passed quickly.

Almost every day I got to ride with Ole and Vicki, being taught by them and having the opportunity to see professionals ride too. I came with them to a national show, and a training at an other well known yard and really had a fabulous time where both me and the horse learned a lot!