February 2016

Date written: 22.02.2016

You make me brave

Thank you for being patient, for being brave

Thank you for being majestic, for being fierce

Thank you for being challenging, for being thoughtful

Thank you for giving me wings, for showing me how to fly

Thank for giving me confidence, for giving me hope

Thank you for being kind, for being my friend.

Photos by Helene √ėvsthus (Feb 06-07, 1.15m) where Santo wears his Custom Fly Veils bonnets, and Ketil Moser (Feb 12th) where I'm wearing my GhoDho breeches.

Do you struggle with fear and anxiety when riding? I did, and you can watch my vlog about it if you want any tips.

Date written: 07.02.2016

New month, new heights

February 2nd 2016, we had our third jumping lesson together. We jumped a bit bigger, but less technical. Though we had a fabolous lesson and Santo jumped great, I also felt like I really managed to ride well too. With that, we felt ready looking forward to our second show together.

February 6th, a saturday, started off early as always. This weekend didn't exactly have a good start when I had a "seizure" on tuesday just two days in prior, which usually causes me to feel groggy and "slow" for a week or so after. But I had my mind set, I was going to ride. And so I did!

The classes we had signed up for was 1.05m and 1.15m. 2 weeks before on our first show we did 1m and 1.10m, so it was two new heights for us. Though, I had no doubt my horse was capable of that and more.

We arrived in good time, since I was number 1 in my first class I warmed up before my class, and I felt ready before I walked the course and got back on my horse. Soon after my name was called over the speakers and we entered the course.

We started off in a good flow, and hit the distances nicely on fence 1 and 2. 2-3 was a related distance, and I made the (wrong) choice to ride forward and leave one out, causing him to knock the oxer. I got mad at myself for making that happen immediately and decided to ride better the rest of the round. Around the rest of the course we continued nicely, untill number 7 where I made an opposit mistake and added a stride which caused him to touch again. After fence 8 we crossed the finish line with 8 (RIDER) faults and I was quite mad at myself.

Next up was the 1.15m, our first time at this height. I really don't remember anything from this class, so if I'm allowed to excuse myself with the illness and seizure card I think I will. Looking at the video though, Santo jumped his heart out even from my stupid distances while I rode like a monkey. Towards the last fence both of us kind of stopped a few strides away. I felt out of fuel so I decided to retire after a few poles down already. Sorry, horse!

Sunday came- new day, new chances and I felt better already from the morning. I decided to put a snaffle and regular noseband on him so that my hands would seem more forgiving to him.

The 1.05m started, we had a good warmup and suddenly we entered the arena. In this round we got a really good flow, and flew through the first phase with a clear, going directly into the jump off. Towards the first fence in the j/o I lost my head for a little second and got left behind a bit, but quickly tried to get it together and managed to do so. I didn't ride to win, just to get a good feeling and I think we managed to do so after we crossed the finish line with a double clear. Despite not going that fast, we were quick enough to get a 4th place out of 13 people and got our first rosette!

As I got out from the prize giving I jumped off to walk the course for the 1.15m, in which I was first, again. After a quick memorizing I ran back out and warmed up as much as I could before I was called in yet again.

We got a nice start and hit fence 1 and 2 nicely. Towards number 3 I made a stupid mistake and added a stride, which caused the pole to fall. I damned myself and continued forward to 4, around to 5, down on a broken line to the combination 6 a-b and as Santo thought he was finished, I gave my last effort over fence 7, down to 8 where he (thankfully) decided not to listen to me and took a little stride out.

We crossed the finish line with 4 faults and a decent time. I was over the moon with him, he always tries his best despite whatever I'm doing and I am super lucky to have a horse like him! In the class we ended up 5th(not placed) out of 11.

Please, whatever you do, take into consideration how I felt during this show. Symptom attacks and seizures takes a lot of energy and recovering afterwards can often take a while. Looking at my riding I'm not exactly proud- I'm aware that it looks messy and that I ask him to do unreasonable things from time to time. Which gives him even more credit, for always trying his best.