February 2015

Date written: 25.02.2015

The end of a chapter

I really tried my best with my lovely horse, Bea- but things never worked out the way they were supposed to. Therefore I came to the decision of selling her.

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” ― Ann Landers

Taken from the description on my "goodbye video": "Coming to this decision has been so hard. Bea was and is my dream horse. She is wonderful and extremely talented and such a fun ride. Therefore the feeling of ruining it for both of us was often present. I knew we both could excel better than we did together.

Somewhere along the line the once so good chemistry dissapeared and we came into a bad circle where I got scared, and she got scared, and we scared eachother when jumping.

Despite that this horse have surely made me a better rider. I can't thank her enough for that, for every fall and crash and bad experience I've learned a lot.

She was uncontrolled and inexperienced when I got her but together we have both improved so much. I am so proud of how we've both developed in a positive way despite all the hard times. (..) I always saw the potential in her and that's also why I'm letting her go. I've played my part in her story, I've done what I could for her and she's done what she could for me.

The past months we've been doing great, which is why I felt now was the right time to let her go. Now we can end our book with a good chapter and good memories, and she will get a good start with her new owner.

We have a lot of great memories together but now we're holding eachother back and everything is negative for both of us when together. It's not right for either. This is not giving up, this is letting go- this is knowing when enough is enough.

24.02.2015 she left for her new home.

It's always sad to let them go, but I am very excited to continue with a new horse that will hopefully be a better match for me!