December 2014

Date written: 12.12.2014

The 2014 season

Another year is almost over, 2014 passed as fast as it came. I had my goals and hopes set high, unfortunately it didn’t quite go as planned competing wise.

In the start of January Bea coliced quite badly. She had to be re fed and trained over a week, and when she was back in full work she coliced again. This time she was rushed to the clinic were she had to spend 3 nights. After that, a new re training and feeding schedule was on. Totally it took 3 weeks before I could train her normally again, meaning we lost the main January shows.

Then we went off to stay 3 weeks at Skogan Gård. With Ole and Vicki we went to the first show of the year last week of January, doing a open national 1.10m class. The result was okay, and the horse jumped well. When we came back from Skogan, Bea had to have 3 weeks off/in light work again.

When we could finally attend the second show of the year in the end of March, it went really good. We had great rounds in 1m, 1.10m and 1.20m and was on top form after a bad start to the year. In the start of April we had another good show with decent rounds in 1m and 1.10m classes, and felt ready for our first International show.

The show in Drammen didn’t go to plan. It was big, stressful and the week leading up to it had consisted of 5 falls. It had made me anxious, a feeling I tried to ignore as I wanted to compete in Drammen so badly. The first day of our first CSI2* ended in the sand. I was thrown into the fence which made me both physically and mentally wounded. Despite, I was determined to finish the show weekend and the 2nd day we came through the course. The last day I retired as I was in too much pain to ride.

Basically the whole year until May consisted of bad or okay results and setbacks. Sick horse, scared rider, and in the end injured rider. I was sad, upset and hurt, but giving up was never an option.

A summer filled with lots of training got us back on the right track. Since summer we’ve improved a lot, and we’ve had some good show rounds from August and onwards.

The year of 2014 have consisted of more falls than ever before. Show after show we've ended up as eliminated, because of falls and accidents. That do hurt, borth physically and emotionally when you try your best but don't succeed.

It makes me upset that yet another year has passed without any accomplishments. I hoped this year would be one where I could move up to a higher level out competing, a year where I could have the possibility to ride bigger classes and new heights.

But then I have to correct myself, because even though the accomplishments weren’t as I hoped they would be, there have been accomplishments. I’ve gotten through a year filled with mostly dissapointments, still as inspired, motivated and determined as ever. In fact, all the bad parts has made me even more sure and motivated.

I have improved a ton as a rider- through getting to compete in bigger venues, train with different professionals, travel around the country doing what I love. I've learned to fail and fall in front of big crowds, but to get up and try again.

I have learned that my passion can’t be tamed no matter what happens, that being having your horse almost dying in your arms, being mentally and physically wounded by falls and accidents, and I’ve learned even more this year to handle the rough times.

I have built a more solid ground to stand on in this sport through getting to know investors, owners, trainers, riders and horses.

I have grown as a person and as a rider, more than ever before. I haven’t won lots of first place rosettes and trophies, but I have built myself and my horse up to be able to in the future.

Thanks to 2014 for being a both horrible and good year at the same time- may I hope 2015 will be much better. Here’s a little video put together from some of our great moments from this season, enjoy!