December 2016

Date written: 09.12.2016

Show season 2016 - the best of my life

The show season 2016 is ending just like the year itself, and I look back at the past year with so much pride and happiness. It has been the first year in my whole riding career (that's well over 6 years) where I've had a great season, gotten placed, and had more ups than downs. Santo and Cara have made this year unforgettable. Throughout the year I have developed so much as a rider, and Santo and Cara have had a great development too. Here's a little sum up: (click the links for each month to be directed to the blog posts for said month). Videos from each month and vlogs from most of the shows can be found on my youtube channel or in the monthly blog posts.

January started off with a sick rider and a bit of a unfit horse. Doing my first shows in almost a year after being terrified and anxious about riding for a long while, Santo was a saint and quickly made me confident with jumping like a saint. In 2015 I did 2 shows, 70, 80 and 90cm classes. On my first show with Santo in January we did 1m and 1.10m with 4 faults in each class.

Show no. 2 came in February where we did 1.05m with a double clear where we got 4th and had 4 faults in our first 1.15m class!

In March we kept training with our limited facilities, but our next show wasn't until April where we got our first double clear 1.10m round, and later did our first outdoor show with good results in the 1m and 1.10m classes

May started off with day 2 of the show mentioned above, where Santo and I did our first 1.20m. I was nervous and rode very badly, despite that he acted like the gentleman he is and we got through the course with 16 faults but a very happy rider! A few days after that I bought Cara, and after Santo got a cut on his leg the same day I did my first show on Cara (where I also jumped her for the first time) just a few days after I got her. We figured eachother out quickly and got a 5th place in the 90cm! Later in May we went to a 2 day show with both horses, where I got a double clear and 3rd place with Cara in the 1m and a clear and 2nd place with Santo in the 1.20m class! The next day they literally beat themselves where we again had clear rounds and I got a 2nd place with Cara in the 1m while Santo and I WON the 1.20m with a clear round! I was over the moon to say at least.

June was by far the best month where we did shows every weekend. 4th of June Cara and I did our first 1.10m with a double clear, and with Santo I had a pole down but otherwise a good round in the 1.20m. 5th of June I messed up a little and got a few faults with both horses, but I could only blame myself! Bergen horse show (international, 9-12th of June) was the highlight of the season and our biggest show. The first day I had a quick double clear with Cara in the 1.10m which gave us a 3rd place out of 48! Santo felt amazing in the 1.20m and we also got a quick double clear and 4th place out of 43! The next day Cara jumped her first ever 1.15m and she did great. Later I did my first ever 1.25m with Santo where he was amazing, but sadly we had the last fence down!

The weekend after we showed in the open classes at the national team championship where Cara and I had a double clear in the 1m and got 3rd place out of 45, and later had the last fence in the 1.10m class. On Santo I had one pole down in the 1.20m but a good feeling! In July we headed down south for a intensive month of training which did wonders for both me and the horses.

When we came home in August Santo developed some travelling issues and pulled a ton of shoes, so from that I only showed Cara. In the start of August Cara jumped her first ever 1.20m class, which was a cup with 2 rounds and we had 8 faults in the first round and 4 faults in the second, but she felt absolutely incredible! Earlier that weekend we had a great 1.15m round and a 1.10m round with a unlucky pole in each.

After that came the second national team championship where I jumped the open classes with Cara. The first day we had a quick double clear and won the 1.10m class! Day 2 we had a okay round 1.15m where I did some stupid mistakes, but the last day we had a great double clear in the 1.10m where we got 2nd place. In the 1.20m the same day we had a great round with 4 faults.

In September we only did one show- the regional championship for senior riders. It was a 1.20m class with 2 rounds and Cara and I had a unlucky pole down in each round but an amazing feeling and she jumped her heart out!

The indoor season started in October and on our first indoor show was 1st-2nd of October. Day 1 we had a good 1.10m with a pole down in the jumpoff, and a great 1.20m round where she felt beyond amazing- with just one pole down. The next day we got 3rd in the 1.05m with a speedy double clear and were just out of the placings in the 1.15m with a pole down.

In the end of October we had another show, where we did a 1.05m class with a double clear and ended as first unplaced, and then had an amazing round in the 1.15m where we WON! And lastly in November we did our last show with more great results- a pole down in both the 1.10m and 1.20m the first day but two good rounds. Day 2 we finished as first unplaced with a double clear in the 1.10m, and then got our first double clear at 1.20m level where we finished 2nd! What an amazing end to a great year.

This might not seem too impressive to others, but for me it's a miracle and some of the greatest achievements I've had in my life. A lifetime with burning passion and dedication to a sport where I got knocked down, eliminated and fell off month after month, year after year.. Finally paid off. I am so happy and so proud when I look back at the year. We've boarded at a barn with no arena, we live hours away from the closest training facilities and we most certainly don't have a lot of money to spend. Despite all of that we've had numerous great results, and not even once did I ride out of the ring with a bad feeling. Thank you Santo and Cara for making this year unforgettable. Here's to 2017!