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As a young athlete without a high financial status, I am always looking for sponsors. Any kind of sponsorship would help me out, wether it be various products or financial support. I would also love to promote and work with equestrian companies and brands, as I feel like I could really give something back in terms of promoting your products or brand to a huge amount of people through my popular and rapidly growing social medias, and by showing a lot with good results nationally and internationally. I have already been sponsored and supported by/been a brand ambassador for different companies with very good results and a great partnership. I am also very open minded and have had good outcomes from reviewing and promoting single product(s) from different equestrian businesses!

Sponsoring Therese Moser provides a unique opportunity to take your brand/company out and build awareness of it towards horse lovers, a high net-worth audience, a fashion market and those who follows the sport nationally and internationally. If your business is local in Bergen/Norway the local media coverage could bring real benefits for your business, but this also goes for international businesses because of my big number of followers worldwide, or if you wish to promote in Scandinavia. The sponsorship packages would be “made to measure” for you, despite the budget being small or big we could work something out in a positive favour for both parts.

Sponsors/investors is essential for most riders riding at a higher level. As a young rider I'm not quite there yet; but in order to get to the top in the future I'm reliant on sponsors/investors.

If you would like to sponsor me or want to know more about me as an athlete and what I stand for, contact me through my email and I will happily answer any questions and even send you a folder with facts. To get to know me better and read "my story" and what separates me from your usual young athlete, you can head over to the about page. Repeating myself- any kind of sponsorship could be interesting to me, whether I would benefit through the products you sell or financial help. Everything would make a difference. I like to speak highly of my sponsors as they all make a difference to me, and help me to reach my goals.

As a sponsored rider I could give your company many benefits, for example;

*Your logo/link/info on my website

*Link, logo and general promotion on social media sites like my Facebook page (where I have over 4,000 followers), YouTube (where I have over 34,000 subscribers) and Instagram (where I have over 25,000 followers)- all per November 2016. My number of followers are rapidly growing, and my audience includes both men and women from all over the world, and in all age groups.

*Your logo on horse/rider wear to be displayed at shows and social media posts

*Word of mouth

If you want to discuss or suggest a promotion/sponsorship opportunity with me, don't hesitate to contact me for a "noncomittal" conversation. I can be contacted through the email where I can provide you with further information such as my phone number if you want to communicate that way.