August 2016

Date written: 28.08.2016

August, a new chapter.

After our amazing intensive training month, July we arrived back home to old routines with no facilities, but lots of knowledge and fitness.

Unfortunately Santo managed to pull shoes on the transport back home, and after that became very anxious while travelling, probably as a reaction to a very stormy sea on the two ferrys we had to take back home during a bad storm. Long story short, lots of factors resulted in Santo having some time off. I explained it all in this video:

A ton of stuff happened after we came home, and Cara showed herself from her best side, as we did our first 1.20m class (her first ever) on the first show after our "bootcamp". See the vlog here:

The weekend after we headed off to the national championship where we showed in the open classes- where we won the 1.10m class on Friday, had a decent round in the 1.15m class on Saturday and placed 2nd in the 1.10m and had one pole down in our second 1.20m class on Sunday! A very good weekend to say at least.

I also uploaded the vlog of one of our last days in Stavanger (August 8th) a little overdue:

In other words, I had a lot of fun and amazing show experiences with Cara during the month of August, where Santo got to enjoy some time off in the big fields! Here's some of the edits I uploaded in August:

All photos by Hanne Wilhelms,