April 2014

Date: 27.04.2014

Our first international show - Drammen Spring Tour

It was finally ready for our first international show, and me and Bea was on the start list for the 2* show Drammen Spring Tour. In addition to compete myself, I would also groom for Ole. My own results was pretty bad. After several falls before the show, I was rather beaten and bruised before we even arrived. Day 1 we had a good round until Bea stopped and I fell off, again.

This time I got quite bruised as well, but I was determined to finish the show. Day 2 we got through the course, but with 12 faults due to a rider in pain and a well excited horse. Day 3 I was in so much pain from the falls that I was kind of dissociated from the happening, and also left quite anxious for jumping after all the stops and accidents, so I retired at fence 3.

I was sad, disappointed and left wondering if this horse was the right..

Since I struggeled mentally with being scared of jumping and was physically injured after the falls, Bea then stayed a month at Skogan to be trained and ridden by Ole.

Date: 15.04.2014

Back to paradise

15th of April we took the long trip back to Skogan Gård to train 1-2 weeks with Ole and Vicki before our first international show in Drammen. All the lessons didn’t quite go as planned, Bea was very eager to jump outside and that resulted in several falls through the week. Painful, but dealing with hard times is something I’ve learned to handle well.

I also got some valuable experience when I went with them to my first show abroad in Denmark to groom (and help their head groom) for both Ole and Vicki. It was a bit gutting to not ride myself but great to watch them jump big classes and to be in the environment!