April 2016

Date written: 28.04.2016

Start of the outdoor season!

As April came, so did the outdoor season, and despite a bit of cold and rainy weather, we also moved our lessons outside to prepare for the outdoor shows. This was actually my first times jumping Santo outside. We ride outside every day at home, but since I bought him in November we've only been in indoor arenas, so I was excited as to how he'd be outside!

Our first outdoor lesson happened 5th of April. Santo was awesome, and we had some great rounds over some bigger jumps! This was a great, fun lesson filled with learning and new experienced and he jumped great. I made a vlog + raws from this lesson which can be seen here

We kept working at home between the lessons, and 9th of April we had our 3rd show together! This was just a one day show, but Santo was so nice and I started to feel like we were really working together here. We did 1m where we had 4 faults due to a stupid rider error, but he jumped great and we finished 5th of 14, first unplaced 2 seconds behind the placings! In the 1.10m we had a great double clear round I was very happy with where he also jumped great, and here we also happened to end 4th of 13, first unplaced 1 second behind the placings. A little bit annoying but I was thrilled with how he jumped and how I managed to ride him! Here's a raw from our 1.10m round and a edit:

As the weather stayed nice, I was able to continue to work him daily in a set schedule which helped a lot, of course! Our next jumping lesson was the 19th of April. Another great lesson where Santo jumped out of his skin, and I felt like my riding really started to adjust to him, and where I managed to do what I was supposed to when I was supposed to do it!

But the best lesson happened april 26th, the weather was great and we jumped our biggest course so far!This lesson felt incredible and he jumped so well, and for the first time I felt like we clicked 100% and I managed to ride him just as I'm supposed to! Also I was thrilled to see that my fear of heights were completely gone, and I am just so thankful for all the confidence he's given me to be able to ride a bigger course with no issues. I still remember when I paniced around a 80cm course on Molly and Bea, this horse have really helped me so much and I am so happy to call him mine!