January 2014

Date: 05.01.2014

Rough times

After a well deserved christmas break at home on Rad√ły, both me and Bea went back up to Stend. Just a short time after, she got seriously ill with colic. The night of January 5th was spent at the yard, and the on call vet came to treat her. It had a temporary effect, before it 2 days after got even worse.

She was rushed to the closest aninmal clinic, where she had to spend 3 nights to have intensive treatment. Luckily it was all fine in the end, and her system "started again" without surgery.

Illnesses like this type of colic doesn't have any specific causes, and is a normal but serious condition in horses. We were lucky to discover it quickly, and get her good treatment. Despite that, a 1-2 week long re feeding and training program awaited us, something that didn't fit in well thinking about shows and trainings.